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  Sunday, 30 June 2019
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I have been working with Mac Logic Pro 8/Logic Studio.
I have guitar with Fishman guitar controler (TriplePlay).
I also have a Fishman FC-1 interface to connect via MIDI
cable to computer via Motu MIDI interface. So I want to
use general MIDI instruments listed in Logic. But no sound
is produced for pre/during record monitoring or playback.
What I have had to do is pipe the recorded MIDI code out to the Motu
MIDI in, and from there to a KORG X5DR module to actually play and
hear the actual instruments the MIDI is set to play.
My question is:
In Logic or any other audio/MIDI recording software would there be
general MIDI instrument patches (or what is actually supposed to covert
the MIDI code to sound)?
My problem with using the external Korg module is latency and the lack
or response that I know the TriplePlay is capable of with its own software.
The TriplePlay controller is excellent, with its own software. BUT, it has been
a rats nest and a maze to get its software and support programs installed and
I am running Logic on Mac OSX 10.3x (G5 tower) (TO OLD TO UPGRADE).
I have installed the triplePlay software on macOS High Sierra.
Yes. Your question is answered on the Apple forum.
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