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  3. Sunday, 07 July 2019
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Hello, I have a old Roland R8 drum machine and I am trying to transfer programmed drum songs via system exclusive to a file to save into my Dell laptop computer. I purchased a iConnect adapter which has a midi In and midi out connection that goes to a USB plug on the opposite end. I also down loaded a midi software program called midi ox. After setting the program to receive exclusive data and making the connection from the R8 to the computer the program says no midi equipment connected.The midi ox program doesn't see the connected R8. Any ideas on how to get the program to see the R8?
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Remember, you're connecting the iConnect to your computer, so software on your computer will only show the iConnect as a MIDI device. The software has no idea what you have connected to the iConnect.
When you connect the iConnect to a USB port, do you hear the "new connection" sound? Does the iConnect show up in Devices and Printers?
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