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  3. Wednesday, 07 August 2019
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Hi guys, I am just working on my singing and want to use midi to help me. I know there are online converters for converting midi to sheet music. However, that gives me the whole score whereas I only want the vocal part. Is there a software where one can delete most of a midi file's tracks to leave only the vocal part? I've been trying to do it with midieditor but no luck yet.

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In case you've still not sorted this...

The MidiEditor package you have should allow you to do what you need, and I assume you have at least tried this. You did not hint at what the problem here was.

Accoring to the notes I've seen on the web, you can load and view a midi file, select parts of the file, delete parts selected, then save the final version. Basically, that's exactly what you need.

I would suggest you save the original version first.

Look through the file, and determine and note which tracks contain the vocal part, i.e. the part you wish to keep, The vocal part may be on more than one track, and the data you need to keep may be on more than one channel, this depends on how the original file has been created.

Once you have a midi file containing the vocal part (or maybe the melody) then this file could be loaded into something like MuseScore which can display the data as sheet music, including producing a printout of the score.

If there are still problems, maybe there is something unusual about the midi file you're working from - if you attach the midi file to any further reply I could advise further.

The 'Kanto' system referred to above MIGHT be able to help, but it's not clear from the details visible in the link provided, and this may be more complicated than helpful.

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