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  3. Wednesday, 28 August 2019
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I'm the GM of a company called AirTurn and we make Bluetooth Controllers that send Keyboard Commands and Midi over Bluetooth.

When it comes to Windows 10 based products - we can't get Midi into the host apps without using Midiberry out to LoopMidi. LoopMidi is what the host see's as the controller.

When reading the link above, it sounds like the folks at Windows think that with the release of Windows 10, they do support Midi over Bluetooth.

What are your findings regarding success of Bluetooth over Midi using Windows 10 and could we inspire a conference call to discuss?

Thank you!

Dave McCarthy (logged in on behalf of Lester Karplus)
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I don't have any MIDI BLE devices to test with, but if you're having trouble, the following blog post by Microsoft's Pete Brown, will be of interest to you:
How to report BLE MIDI connection or communication issues in Windows 10.
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