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  3. Wednesday, 09 October 2019
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IMOXPLUS will bring a high-tech handsfree midi controller / mouthpiece on the market (the Photon). This innovate mouthpiece is invented Chris Graham. It is called Photon because it uses light to measure changes. We have many other product ideas in mind for the wind & breath controller market segment. We work closely with artist Pedro Eustache who has a strong know-how and a clear vision on wind-controllers.

The Photon contains a sensitive lower lip sensor, ultra fast and sensitive breath in/out sensor, vocalisation sensor, upper lip sensor, oral cavity sensor, adjustable airflow and much more. Each sensor does send a CC, or other MIDI data via USB midi to the computer. Sensors can be configured with a curve, min/max sensitivity etc. This mouthpiece contains a processor and can also store & recall presets. With other words, this controller opens new expression possibilities for musicians, but also allows many other possibilities.

Chris, Pedro and I strongly believe in modularity, re-usability, reducing environmental footprint, and positive impact on the world by having more people playing music. The Photon is step one of a "modular" approach for wind-controllers.

We welcome suggestions en information on following;

- what are the various domains of usage you see (not just music).
- estimations - data on total units sold (wind-controllers like AKAI EWI, YAMAHA WX, ROLAND AE etc).
- estimations - data on total Yamaha VL units / PLGVL cards sold.
- how to get more acoustic sax players to use wind-controllers?
- how to get more keyboard players taking advantage of such hands-free midi controller?
- how to get more young people playing wind-instruments?
- how to get this mouthpiece used for gamers ?
- any information resource that can be of importants to the success of the Photon.

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