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  Sunday, 30 October 2016
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I'm very new. Just joined today. I sell MIDI Files of LIVE performances on my youtube channel. I have a two-part question

1) How would I go about getting permission for the artists to use? What kind of license do I need?

2) What would be the acceptable rate to offer during negotiations?

**I realize I'm going backwards, but it was more of an accidental success thing. I was putting up a song and showing the chords on the screen
and people are buying the MIDI files to learn the song.

Here is an example: https://youtu.be/YBJzykQBZ3A
2 years ago
The answer to this will depend on the country that you are operating within. Most countries should have some sort of Performing Rights organisation, the exact name may vary from country to country, and they should handle things on behalf of the various publishers and/or owners of any copyright.

Note that YouTube may be aware of your operation, and they COULD close down your channel - but this may be dependant on one or more copyright owner making formal complaint to them. This could depend on the scale of your operation.

Cannot comment on the price you might change, this will depend on the quality of the midi file that you create. However, I would suspect that the higher the quality of the product, and/or the more you might charge, then the more likely you are to upset the legitimate owners of the music such that they may take action against you.

2 years ago
MIDI Files are generally subject to a mechanical license for each copy.
These are reasonably easy to get.
Synchronization license rights for videos are more difficult.
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