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  4. Saturday, 09 November 2019
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Fetching midi drum notes, i have the most simple gear4music DD-400 drumset it works good for my purpose. But i have made a sequenser in javascript, first off it seem as default send at midichannel 10. i just echo the signal out, and i can see the keys pressed "notes" but i am not sure what is goin on either the volume is zero? Or the signal to short to trigger my Roland Sound Canvas 7.

But when i use other software i am able to triigger the Roland, it is just my own script that seem unable to trigger it i thought a trigger note on always was a note on, there is no length to it?

Because i can't see the DD400 sending note off but that should not be a problem? It is just short samples.
I just wonder why i can get sound out of keyboard but not out of drums, maybe i do something weird. Maybe i only redirect out channel 1 to other channel i just do not know what is going on.
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There could be a number of issues here, you don't give all the info needed to be sure.

Firstly, it is a convention to put percussion events onto Channel 10, but this is not usually obligatory. Some equipment may have a default set to use Ch 10, but this could be changed. So, if you're using Ch 10, then you should make sure that everything is set to follow this, as everything might NOT be set this way.

Regarding note On/Off, please note that the midi event of Note on and Note Off is NOT the same as the note actually sounding. Specifically, percussion notes will be totally subject to the envelope set, which will cause the actual sound to start and finish at particular moments, but this does not mean that a Note Off event is not required. It might be that some devices might assume a Note off, but I would never assume that. Most devices have a maximum sounds ability, and you do not want to risk a situation where this maximum is passed because a lot of drum sounds are still 'on' even though no sound is being made due to the action of the envelope/ADSR. Of course, the duration of any note (between On and Off) should be long enough to allow the envelope to be effective, if it's WAY too short then yes, you might not hear any sound.

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