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  3. Sunday, 10 November 2019
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Hi there.

I’m using a Cymatic Audio uTrack 24 for playback with my band, and we’ve decided to also start using it to send patch changes via MIDI to a Prophet rev2 and a Strymon Timeline. The Prophet is receiving patch changes perfectly fine, but the Timeline is not. When I hook the timeline up to my laptop, the patch changes work perfectly, but for some reason when I export the same midi files onto the uTrack, it doesn’t work anymore. So I know the Strymon is receiving MIDI, and I know that the uTrack is sending MIDI, but for some reason the two just aren’t working together.

Is there something I’ve missed? I’ve tried sending midi down every MIDI channel but none are working and I've used multiple different cables. Tour starts in 3 days and I’m in dire need of help.
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You don't give enough information to allow much help.

Firstly, what channel(s) are you sending the data on, and which channel(s) are the TimeLine hoping to receive on? Many devices can be set to receive on specific channel ONLY, to make daisy-chaining of devices more effective.

How are your devices connected? USB or midi/DIN cables. If you're using the DIN connectors, are these linked correctly, i.e. OUT ---> IN, and if you're using a THRU connector, is this to allow INcoming data to be sent ON (echoed)?

Is any midi data at all getting to the TimeLine?

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