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Resolved MIDI 2.0 USB device

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  3. Sunday, 12 January 2020
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Since MIDI 2.0 only support USB (for now), will MIDI 2.0 need a new or updated OS class driver for the 32/64 bit universal packet interface and device descriptor for devices ? Page 16 of the USB MIDI class driver spec defines support for 1,2 or 3 bytes transfers only, not 4 or 8. How will this have to be implemented by MIDI USB device manufacturers and well as on the Mac, Windows and Linux OSes side ? Treat it like an Sysex packet ? that would be inefficient and cause processing code overhead. How will Windows Win32 API support the packet interface . AFAIK Microsoft does not plan to make changes to the Win32 MIDI API anymore but only for Windows UWP. so MIDI 2.0 is only for MIDI UWP applications , that would mean most DAWs are left out in the cold, How will this impact Linux ALSA ? Many folks may not have the funding for an annual MIDI membership like larger companies, but like me, many may have these questions and some clarification for this would help. There seems to be no information on the MIDI website to address any of such concerns. P.S Would the first byte of the message with b7=0 not confuse the driver of running status ? Why going through MIDI-CI protocol negotiation if a new descriptor or drivers is needed that could just indicate 2.0 capabilities ?.
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