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  Thursday, 05 March 2020
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I wonder, how software is treated with respect to the MIDI standard. As far as I can see there is no SysEx ID for software vendors. Especially in the area of free and open source software many applications are developed on a voluntary basis. Which SysEx IDs should those use?

Were ALSA, OSS and JACK considered as major OS vendors or something similar in the further MIDI 2.0 process?
We are actually actively discussing this topic on the MMA managers list which includes the Technical Standards Board and the Executive Board.
Clemens Ladisch who posts here often is actually a member of ALSA and of course ALSA is important for Android.
We have MMA members who believe we need to address the needs of the open source community and we are looking at the appropriate way to do that.

Again, the MMA is a member driven organization and it is the members who ultimately decide on our policies.

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