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  Friday, 13 March 2020
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MidiFile.Read and MidiFile.Write methods now work much faster. For MidiFile.Read new setting ReadingSettings.ReaderSettings.ReadFromMemory was added.

With ReadFromMemory set to true entire MIDI file will be put to memory and read from there which gives big speed up.

New features

  • Added IInputDevice interface, all methods that accept InputDevice as an argument accept now IInputDevice, which implemented by InputDevice. This interface gives ability to create custom input device implementations.
  • Added IOutputDevice interface, all methods that accept OutputDevice as an argument accept now IOutputDevice, which implemented by OutputDevice. This interface gives ability to create custom output device implementations.
  • Added BytesToMidiEventConverter class to convert bytes to MIDI events.
  • Added MidiEventToBytesConverter class to convert MIDI events to bytes.
  • Added Interaction.Chord.GetMusicTheoryChord method.
  • Added Interaction.Note.GetMusicTheoryNote method.
  • Added Interval.GetIntervalDefinitions method returning collection of IntervalDefinition which is interval number and quality.
  • Added Interval.FromDefinition method to create Interval from interval number and quality.
  • Added MusicTheory.Chord.GetNames method returning names of a chord (for example, A# or Ddim).
  • Added General MIDI Level 2 percussion API to Melanchall.DryWetMidi.Standards namespace.
  • Added ReadingHandlers property to ReadingSettings which provides collection of objects that handle MIDI data reading. Also added three handler classes:
  • - TimedEventsReadingHandler
    - NotesReadingHandler
    - TempoMapReadingHandler
    These classes can speed up getting MIDI data from a MIDI file since information will be gathered during MIDI data reading rather than after data is read which involves additional iteration over MIDI data. You can create custom reading handler and process MIDI file reading stages.
  • Added UnknownChannelEventPolicy property to ReadingSettings which specifies how reading engine should react on unknown channel event status byte. Also added UnknownChannelEvent property which specifies callback that will be called on unknown channel event if UnknownChannelEventPolicy set to UnknownChannelEventPolicy.UseCallback.
  • Added ReaderSettings property to ReadingSettings. ReaderSettings holds I/O settings for MIDI data reader.
  • Implemented reading MIDI file from non-seekable stream. Settings related to reading from such streams are placed at ReadingSettings.ReaderSettings. Names of properties corresponding to these settings are start with NonSeekableStream.
  • Added Equals static methods for MidiEvent, MidiChunk and MidiFile classes.
  • Added PatternUtilities.TransformNotes accepting NoteSelection which is predicate to select notes to transform.
  • Added PatternUtilities.TransformChords accepting ChordSelection which is predicate to select chords to transform.
  • Added PatternUtilities.SetNotesState method.
  • Added PatternUtilities.SetChordsState method.
  • Pattern.Clone creates now deep copy instead of shallow one.
  • Added GetStandardChunkIds static method to MidiChunk.
  • Added GetStandardMetaEventStatusBytes static method to MetaEvent.

Small changes and bug fixes

  • Implemented IComparable on Interval.
  • Implemented IComparable on MusicTheory.Note.
  • Prevent creation of sysex event with status byte as a first data byte.
  • Fixed: Playback looped on current time change inside EventPlayed event handler.
  • Fixed: CsvConverter closes passed stream after data is read or written.
  • Fixed: OutputDevice.Volume get/set fails.
  • Fixed: ResetEvent not received by input device.
  • Fixed: Fixed CSV parsing with \r and \n in texts of meta events.
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