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  3. Monday, 30 March 2020
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I wonder if it is possible to save a midi command for my MIDI Keyboard Controller (Novation 61 SL MK2) in the user performances (of my Roland BK-9).
In short: If I want to play (in a saved performance) a saxophone solo, can i immediately play it on the Novation MIDI Keyboard Controller without having to do multiple actions ..?

Hopefully I will find the answer to this question in this midi forum.

Kind regards
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I would suggest that this will depend on the midi command.

The midi command needs to be something that can be incorporated into a 'User Performance' on the BK-9, and I'm not sure if that is possible. Then, when the UP is invoked on the BK-9, this device needs to send the data (maybe using a specific channel) in such a way that the Controller will receive it, and can act upon it, but this command will not interfere with anything else. This may depend on how the devices are connected together, and what else is connected inbetween.

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