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  3. Friday, 10 April 2020
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Hey there, hopefully a quick question but I am working with Cakewalk as my daw and I am trying to sync lights and my keys/guitar changes all on it to run midi commands during a live show. I have figured out how to change the patches on my Boss GT100 but am trying to figure out how to turn individual pedals on/off using the NRPN's I found on the Roland Midi Implementation guide and I think I understand how to do it in theory but I can't find how to select the NRPN's in Cakewalk. I can add a midi track and insert the bank/patch change to change from U01-1 to U03-4 for example but if someone could let me know how to change pedals that would be much appreciated.
Thanks, Matt
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Have a look at my RPN/NRPN tutorial and see if it helps.
If not, post the details of the NRPN messages that you're trying to use. I am a Cakewalk user, so I'm sure I will be able to help.
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