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  Tuesday, 12 May 2020
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Hello all! I have an idea for something I'd like to be able to do with a few pieces of hardware gear and having trouble figuring out the best method to achieve it.

I have a Syncussion SY-1 two channel drum synthesizer that I'd like to be able to control using a multi-pad percussion device. The Syncussion has CV inputs for Trig and Tune for each channel. I can control these independently just fine using a single device and send note trigger, and also change the pitch with the tune CV input.

Here's a photo of the connections there: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/ZkYvePx9c0isOkiFoENmUvnII6Sql1BBBl_L0RRmT4GI4MYF9NakfnSerNKNZSlWsWnSbfgMW9cxu4785y2wQhMJGOYUw2ZjlzLWaQ

Also a link to the documentation for the unit:

I am looking to use a percussion controller similar to the Roland Octapad where I can split the top four pads of the Octapad out to Channel 1 of the Syncussion, and the bottom four pads of the Octapad to Channel 2 of the Syncussion.

I have a CV OCD MIDI to CV box that I've been using, and also have the Octapad and SY-1. I can't seem to figure out a hardware method to achieve what it is I am looking to do. Here's a photo of the CV OCD: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/UZKWOotpkshGr__q_s54_bZTdy9zLzYZ9QXwLaQjw84_EACWTxImLM35vGXvpuBm3WGtR4HLdxLr9tiODojjWjs

I just think it would be ideal for me from a performance standpoint to have four assigned notes per channel that I can drum between, CH-1 on the top 4 and CH-2 on the bottom 4. My idea is to have some different note assignments that I can switch between using a foot controller to change on the Octapad. It seems like I might have to do some type of split to have the lower 64 notes assigned to 1st channel, and the upper 64 notes to the 2nd. Then I could assign various notes within those ranges, and somehow filter those notes to go to separate channels to get to the SY-1.

Is this possible with what I have?

I also have an Arturia Beatstep Pro, though I'm not sure this would work with my idea or not.

Last mention is I wish I could use an Alternate Mode trapkat for something like this. Or a malletkat. But kind of pricey.

I appreciate any and all input in advance, thanks!
3 years ago
Aha, well I had the solution in my hands already but wasn't aware. The CV OCD has an online configuration tool where you set parameters and can send a sysex to the device (here http://www.six4pix.uk/cvocd/patch.asp ). I was able to split the notes between two channels, and depending on which notes I have assigned on my pad controller it will trigger one channel or the other. Hurray!

Anyways just wanted to reply back that I figured it out thankfully without having to buy something else, or use another computer to do it :)
2 years ago
This kind of one-off is where an Arduino can work, if you hadn't found the fix.
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