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  Sunday, 31 May 2020
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I own a Yamaha YPT-330 concert piano and I recently discovered that I can transfer MIDI files onto it through a software called Musicsoft Downloader. I want to create MIDI versions of songs I have already written and produced to play live with only the keyboard. The keyboard has both General Midi sounds and a library of XGlite sounds. I would like to utilize these XGlite sounds in my MIDI files but the only software I can find that can edit XG MIDI files is XGWorks. This is an issue for a few reasons:

  • The learning curve for the software is super high
  • It is Windows only; I have an old Windows laptop which I am already using for Musicsoft but it is super janky so I would prefer to use my Macbook
  • The software is really old

If anyone has any recommendations for other software that can edit XG MIDI I'd greatly appreciate it! :-)
3 years ago
As far as I'm aware the only program that Yamaha ever made to author/modify XG focusssed MIDI files was XGworks and its successors, the freebie SQ01 and the later products XGworks ST and SOL2. I'm not aware of a program made for the Macintosh.

I have to say that if you find XGworks complex then don't try Cakewalk, Cubase, Reaper, etc. They're even more difficult to get into.
I personally found XGworks one of the easiest to get to know, but it is just my opinion.
The software may be very old, circa 1999, but then MIDI is even older and hasn't changed that much since its inception in '83.
There are still a lot of Yamaha equipment owners using XGworks for basic MIDI file editing, myself included.

TBH, I don't think you'll find anything else that's halfway as good for XG MIDI file creation as XGworks.

Just my .02c worth,
3 years ago

Regarding your 'issues':

The learning curve for whatever you use will be fairly steep, so I'm not sure how important this will be?

If you'd prefer to use something on your Mac, are there not midi programs available for that allowing the editing of midi files. I'd guess so. They may not SAY anything about XG files, but they should still allow editing of such files, which are still midi. OK, there may be some things that might have to be done manually, and the software may not help as much as dedicated software might, but it will still be possible. Check this out, at least.

It's 'really old' - yes, I know the feeling. So am I, but I like to think far from 'past it'. Yet! XG is 'really old' too, but you're wanting to use it! I've got my trusty MU90r module here, and I've got some really nice XG midi files which I enjoy, so it's also a LONG way from 'past it'.

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