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  3. Thursday, 09 July 2020
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Good afternoon from Wales UK
I do not use MIDI in the pure absolute sense, but I have 14 years' experience of using several Windows-based softwares which use MIDI. I have now migrated most of my routine IT to Linux, and I think it is time to consider whether I could do so with my midi use, at least as far as an application which could be used as a MIDI-player of prepared files, exporting to a sound module via USB-Midi lead.
I have tried to research this from the Linux side, and found the results somewhat intimidating. So I'm wondering if someone here who is successfully running a MIDI application (preferably GUI/menu led, rather than command line) under Linux could share some basic info with me ?
Many thanks for any help forthcoming
Ian Graham
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I am not quite sure what you asking/looking for but have you tried Musescore, Lilypond or Lmms?
For just midiplay maybe Timidity++?
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