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  Wednesday, 11 January 2017
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Hi there,

I'm programming a database (Filemaker) that includes some midi-features (this is possible with the MBS Filemaker Plugin).
At the moment I can send note-on/note-off commands with a Filemaker-Script that works well. The problem is that the duration of the note is defined by a script-pause (note on message>script-pause in seconds>> note-off message) and that is not very precise, when I want to record the notes in a DAW. So I'm looking for a way to define the duration/length of the note (for exaple 1/8) with a midi-message/midiclock/etc., that comes after note-on and before note-off.

How can I manage this?

note-on code looks like this:

<syntax of plugin> & "144; 48; 95" = send note-on; note-value; velocity-value

note-off code looks like this:

<syntax of plugin> & "128; 48; 00" = send note-off; note-value; velocity-value

(don't pay attention to <syntax of plugin>, i can manage it in Filemaker).

With the plugin, I can send midi-messages, raw-messages and sysexhex.

Anybody has an idea?
If you are using the PortMidi component, then the SendMessage/SendMessageRaw/SendSysExHex functions have a timestamp parameter.

The PortMidi documentation says nothing but this:
Messages are delivered in order as received, and timestamps must be non-decreasing. (But timestamps are ignored if the stream was opened with latency = 0.)
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