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  Saturday, 28 January 2017
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Hello. I want to assign MIDI CC numbers to the knobs, faders and switches on my MPK88 controller, but have questions about certain CC #s. I saw a list online that defined the list of CC #s and what they're for. CC32, for example is defined as LSB Value for CC0. Since CC0 is for Bank Select, I would assume that CC0 is to be followed by CC32 and a program number, and that combination would allow you to change patches in a synth. Sound about right?

Anyway, I'm trying to learn a virtual instrument called Electri6ity that has lots of parameters that can be controlled by CC and one of the parameters is set to CC32 by default If I set one of my controller knobs to CC32 in order to control this parameter, it won't cause any problems as long as I don't use CC0 at the same time, correct? Sorry if this sounds like a noob question, but i admit to having a lot to learn about MIDI.
Your understanding of the intended purpose of the CC messages you mentioned is correct.

What needs to be made clear is that a MIDI device can interpret MIDI messages any way it wants. It is best for manufacturers to follow the official specification if interoperability is important, but ultimately, MIDI devices can, and do, diverge from the specification.

I'm guessing the Electri6ity doesn't have banks of patches in the traditional sense. It appears the developers decided to re-purpose CC 32, since it is not being used to select banks.

It is perfectly safe to use MIDI messages in a non-standard way, as long as you are sending those messages to a device that uses them in a specific way.

Don't apologize for asking questions. This is the perfect place to ask questions if you want to learn about MIDI.

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