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  3. Friday, 25 September 2020
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I'm interested in making a MIDI 2.0 stack over USB. Are there reference implementations available, or do I need to implement the spec from scratch? Is there a licensing structure to use the spec?
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The MIDI 2.0 specifications are available for free download on this site. The USB-MIDI spec is available for download at the USB-IF (we have links to it on our site as well)

MIDI is free to use without license.

The MMA has developed some MIDI 2.0 tools that are available to members

New MMA Membership Benefits
With the adoption of MIDI 2.0, there are now many new benefits to joining the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA). All of the hard work of developing the MIDI 2.0 specifications, new MIDI 2.0 logo, and MIDI 2.0 software tools has already been completed. By joining now, you can take advantage of years of volunteer MIDI specification and tool development.

Here is a short list of new MMA member benefits:

● MMA Membership gives you immediate access to new MMA proposals under development and the MMA Github repository that include a number of key MIDI 2.0 development tools including:
o A MIDI 2.0 Compliance Work Sheet for determining which MIDI 2.0 features you support
o MIDI 2.0 Scope -- an open source application (C++/JUCE) to aid in development/debugging of MIDI 2.0 channel voice message transmission and reception. Includes a permissively licensed JUCE User Module that implements the new protocol's messages.
o MIDI-CI Work Bench- A Standalone Electron Application for a more complete MIDI 2.0 environment This workbench translates MIDI 1.0 (including MPE) to and from MIDI 2.0.

● After you develop a MIDI 2.0 product, MMA membership enables you to test for MIDI 2.0 compliance and apply to use the royalty free MIDI 2.0 logo on your product and packaging.
The MMA MIDI 2.0 logo will give your customers confidence that your MIDI 2.0 products comply with the MMA’s MIDI 2.0 specifications.

● MMA annual membership includes a SysEx ID (a $240 annual value). A valid unique MMA SysEx ID is required to do manufacturer specific SysEx, Profiles and Property Exchanges. There are still lots of opportunities for new Profiles, new Property Exchange use cases and new protocol messages. It’s easier than ever to propose new ideas for MIDI.

● Marketing opportunities to participate in MIDI Association promotions like May Is MIDI Month and reach out directly to over 27,000 opted-in MIDI Association Members who work, play and create with MIDI and receive the monthly MIDI Message newsletter.

You’re in Good Company
The MMA membership includes over 70 innovative digital musical instrument technology companies including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Ableton, Native Instruments, IK Multimedia, CME, Ringway, and Medeli. Member dues are based on annual revenue and range from $600-$20,000. A majority of MMA companies are smaller innovative companies with annual revenues less than $1 million who pay $600 in annual dues. Each company’s vote on adoption of MMA standards and election of MMA officers is equal so a brand-new MIDI start-up has the exact same voting power as some of the world’s largest companies who also participate in the MMA.

This is what a MIDI user said about us - “MIDI is without a doubt an example of what happens when competing companies work together for common good. In no other industry before or since have we seen something so noble.” We couldn’t have said it better.

The MMA is a member driven organization.

All of the people who serve on the MMA Executive and Technical boards, chair and participate in the MMA working groups are unpaid volunteers.
The community of people who work, play and create with MIDI
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