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  Friday, 16 October 2020
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Just discovered midi and how to incorporate on my Orla organ.:D

Is it possible to use 1 keyboard to play from a ios app, ie Beathawk using a Mio interface and the other keyboard to play the on board sounds only and even the rhythms?

At the moment both keyboards are active through the midi and play all together ,and starting rhythms activates the app as well. unless i turn down organ volume.
I have tried the on board midi settings but still stays the same.
1 year ago
You don't say enough about the devices involved.

The usual solution to this would be to split the channels, so that one device responds ONLY to midi instructions sent on certain channels, and the other device responds ONLY to different channels. Then the sending device will be sending data to both, as now, but each will play ONLY what it's supposed to.

Most keyboards can be told which channels to respond to. This ability is fairly normal. But your Orla organ???

And how are you generating the sent instructions?

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