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  3. Saturday, 24 October 2020
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Hey, i have a problem with my keyboard, it has always worked well but today when i tried to play a piece on it i couldn't because of a problem. When i press 2 notes (Example, i press B4 and then G#5, the midi will play a C5 for no reason) it happens with other notes too, i've tried to solve this by messing with the transpose and the assignment data entry settings but i can't find a solution HEEELP PLSS!!!
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Please be more detailed about what's happening.

If you press two notes, I'd expect you to get a chord. Do you in fact get no chord, none of the notes pressed, but a different note completely?

Is this happening when you use the keyboard all alone, and not connected to anything else?

Has the keyboard suffered any damage recently? Anything spilled on it?

Could well be nothing to do with midi, but something mechanical with the keys.

What happens when you press other pairs of keys, is there any pattern to the keys pressed, and the key that actually sounds?

Which keyboard is this? Will the keyboard play midi data? what happens then?

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