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  3. Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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Hi All, Can anyone explain why on the first line of my drum channel 10 there is CC101 0, CC100 0, CC6 2 and CC101 0, CC100 0, CC6 127. On some files I also have CC101 0, CC100 0, CC6 12. Will there be any noticeable difference if I alter or remove them? I use a Roland MC50 with a Roland SC8850. Thanks in advance..
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Controllers 100 and 101 set the RPN (Registered Parameter Number), which specifies the parameter that any following Data Entry messages are routed to. RPN 0:0 is the pitch bend range.

Controller 6 is Data Entry. These message set the pitch bend range to 2, 127, or 12 semitones. On the drum channel, the pitch bend range probably does not matter.
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