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  3. Saturday, 31 October 2020
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Hi there! I can't seem to use my continuous sustain pedal for half pedalling, I have a Korg DS-1H continuous sustain pedal hooked up to an M-audio Hammer 88 controller. I'm working in FL studio and use a plugin called Noire by Native Instruments (that supports half pedalling). (normal pedalling as an on/off switch works fine FYI)

I've done a lot of reading and have had trouble finding info on whether my Hammer 88 can support it (or any midi controller for that matter), I've heard that people have worked around issues by plugging the sustain pedal in the expression pedal input but I can't seem to get that working either, I have even tried assigning the half pedal parameter to the mod wheel just to see if I can use the effect at all and have also failed so I'm really confused as to what could be the problem here, keen to hear everyone's suggestions.

Thanks guys!
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