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  1. Augusto Noce Volkmer
  2. MIDI Hardware
  3. Friday, 24 March 2017
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I have a DDRUM DD1 that on a computer with windows 7 works perfectly.
I changed my notebook and the new one has windows 10 installed.
Now when I connect my DD1 via USB the device manager does not recognize edrum (an error code [10]).

I searched the internet for some solution but so far it seems to be a lost fight. DDRUM don´t have more support for this model.

If someone has a solution thank you right away.
  1. http://www.ddrum.com/images/manuals/DD1%20manual.pdf
  2. http://troubleshooter.xyz/fix-usb-device-not-recognized-by-windows/
  Av. Dr. Eduardo Cury, 200 - Jardim das Colinas, São José dos Campos - SP, 12242-001, Brazil
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Clemens Ladisch Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
This device uses the standard USB MIDI protocol and should work with the built-in Windows driver from Microsoft. So this is probably not a software problem (unless Microsoft introduced a new bug in Windows 10).

Try another USB port, or another computer.
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