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  Sunday, 26 March 2017
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I hope someone can help me with this because it's been driving me insane!
I've still got latency issues with my E-Kit into Superior Drummer, I've managed to get it down to around 13ms but I can still notice it when I'm playing. I've put together a very advanced and professional looking drawing of my set up ( Confused ) and some information too. I'm really not a tech-head so any advice would be a big help


So its still at 384 samples, and the input and output latency is 13ms, would that suggest it's an issue with the Yamaha lead, is it just not good enough for the job? Is there anyway to alter the buffer size for the Lead/Driver itself?
Is it the processor I've got - intel core i5 2300 cpu 2.80ghz 2.80 ghz
I've got 11GB of RAM so I'm pretty thats not it.
The Realtek isn't checked in ASIO, thats not needed right?
As I say I'm not really familiar with this side of things so...please help!
6 years ago
I use ASIO4ALL with about 500 samples and notice no latency when playing virtual synths on Reaper software. I also have an Yamaha UX16 and it works fine.
Try to play a virtual synth inside the host software playing it via the computer keyboard to check the latency.
6 years ago
It's probably fairly safe to assume that the Yamaha lead isn't where the fault lies.
After all, Yamaha has been involved at the leading edge of MIDI for more than thirty years. Their equipment is known for its reliability.

A MIDI note on message is just 3 bytes of data. Okay, encapsulated in a USB packet it's a bit bigger. But it should take around a millisecond to transmit.
Digital audio, however, consists of 44100 samples each of two bytes (16 bits) x 2 for stereo, per second. (Assuming CD quality.)

When the note on message is received it has to be passed through Cubase to the Drummer then the Audio generated and sent to the mixer via USB.
Getting that created and out through the USB port takes time. This is 99% of the time where the latency is introduced.
I have a battered old laptop, still running XP, with a Centrino Dual core and 4GB of RAM, and I can get the latency down to about 6 ms using ASIO drivers.
So it's not processing power or RAM, I'd suggest.
Try cancelling the resampling, that might shave some time off.
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