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  Monday, 03 April 2017
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I'm extremely new to MIDI, and I already love the idea of it :D . The problem is, I play the guitar and I do not know how to use my guitar as a MIDI controller. I'm fairly sure my amp (G-DEC 30) supports MIDI, but I don't know how to use the effects. I am trying to use MIDI to make my guitar sound like other instruments such as a piano or saxophone, which is possible according to the manual for the amp. It says I need to press the utility button to access all the presets, but when I press the utility button they do not come up. Does anyone know how to use that amp for MIDI?
more than a month ago
As far as I can see, the G-DEC can play back .mid files for background sounds. But it appears there is no support for real-time MIDI input or output.
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