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  3. Thursday, 20 April 2017
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I want to export a midi track from garage band into a MIDI file. I've created a track using garageband. I have tried everything but buying logic pro, and honestly I think it is a bit waste of money if I'm only going to use it once to export a file into a readable midi format. I've tried several forums for help, but nobody have wanted to help me yet. I am using garageband 10.1.8.
Does anyone know how to do that?
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Although the function is not by default built into Garageband, there are a few workarounds to the problem. The first one is by exporting the MIDI as a Loop:

Select the section of the Garage Band file "loop" that you want to export.
Select Edit in the top bar and select ‘Add To Loop Library’.
Export your loop, which can be saved as .cst, .aif and .mid.
Use the .mid is your MIDI file, which essentially is now exported.
This can be a bit tedious and is not ideal. However, without any native support for MIDI export built in, this may well be your best option.
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