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  3. Thursday, 27 April 2017
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I'm new here, and saw a YouTube video of someone using MIDI for something.
I was wondering if MIDI is a music-making software, like LMMS or MAGIX Music Maker, or is it (in a sense) like Soundcloud, where you upload songs to show off.
If MIDI is a music-making software, how can I download it? I cant find a download button, so either its not a music-making software, or I'm a blind s**t.
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No, MIDI is not a software, it is a hardware specification, a communications protocol and a file format.

Software can use MIDI to send and receive data to and from MIDI devices.

Do an Internet search for "Digital Audio Workstation" or "DAW" or "MIDI sequencer" and you will find lots of software that uses MIDI.

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