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  Monday, 21 December 2020
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I made a program that encodes a midi file, and I was having trouble synthesizing it, so I was wondering if there is any software that easily translates an encoded midi into actually synthesizing and playing it? I am on Windows 10, and I am using c++ if that helps. I used this code as a base https://bisqwit.iki.fi/jutut/kuvat/programming_examples/midimake.cc
I've tried finding software on my own, but it hasn't given me anything other than TiMidity++, so I was wondering if there are any alternatives or anything like that, or if I can implement it myself with new code?
There may be hundreds of software synths out there. Maybe you could explain in deeper detail what do you need, which requirements are missing in TiMidity++ ?

An alternative software synth that can also render MIDI files is FluidSynth, which is also open source like TiMidity++

If you prefer non open, then you may try the BASS+BASSMIDI libraries.
2 years ago
If you're having trouble playing the file you've created, this MIGHT be because the file is not a 100% correctly formed midi file. It might be worthwhile to check this, you could attach such a file to a post here and various people here could try the file with various pieces of software and report back. I for instance could use software from DOS days, later systems I've written myself, thru to more recent Windoze Virtual Midi Synth type systems.

As pedro suggests, there is a wide variety of software available, depending on just what you want to achieve.

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