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  3. Wednesday, 17 May 2017
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Hello, so I am curious about what midi keyboard/launchpad/drum pad to purchase for what I want to do. I am a guitar player (i have a little piano experience) and ideally id like to use a converter so I can use different sounds for my guitar while also being able to have preloaded samples, beats, loops, songs going on in a live setting. The performance would be less guitar oriented and more dj style cueing while being able to throw guitar lines over top whenever I want. I also really want full reign over effects/filters with knobs. Everything would need to be done in a live setting with one person(me). I have experience making music on the computer. I mainly need to know what hardware and software that would suit this best. It would also be helpful if someone could recommend a software or pedal that is compatible with live looping.
Current gear:
studio one, fl studio
focusrite interface
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