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  3. Thursday, 25 May 2017
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Dear Midi Community,

I am new to FL Studio, and am running into some technical difficulties. Here they are. If you could answer them individually, that would be great. Thanks!

1. How can I slow down the play back of midi files? This does not mean the final product is slowed down, but when I am working in FL the marker goes by too quick for me to make any meaningful modifications.

2. When I double click on a note, I get its properties, ie. its start time, duration, velocity, etc. However, I cannot adjust the start times of these notes effectively, as the program wants me to click and hold, and then move my mouse up and down to adjust the numbers. This is highly ineffective. Is there a way for me to type the start time and duration of notes instead?

3. I have installed a vst package via an installer. The files went into C:/ProgramData, but how do I continue? FL studio couldn't seem to find the plugins that I have installed. What are the steps to adding such plugins?


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Since your question is specific to Fruity Loops, I think you will get a lot more responses to your questions if you post in their official forum.

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