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  1. Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
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  3. Tuesday, 02 February 2021
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Drumstick is a set of GPLv3 licensed C++/Qt libraries for MIDI applications. The project includes several tools as examples, and among them is the drumstick-guiplayer utility that leverages the Drumstick::ALSA library, so it is available only for Linux (because the ALSA sequencer is a linux only technology). Some people have complained that they would like to run a program with the same functionalities on Windows and macOS. And here it is...

Key features:

  • MIDI Output to hardware MIDI ports, or any other Drumstick backend
  • Transpose song tonality between -12 and +12 semitones
  • Change MIDI volume level (using MIDI CC7)
  • Scale song speed between half and double tempo

Git repoository:

Downloads for Linux, Windows and macOS:
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