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  Tuesday, 02 February 2021
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Drumstick is a set of GPLv3 licensed C++/Qt libraries for MIDI applications. The project includes several tools as examples, and among them is the drumstick-guiplayer utility that leverages the Drumstick::ALSA library, so it is available only for Linux (because the ALSA sequencer is a linux only technology). Some people have complained that they would like to run a program with the same functionalities on Windows and macOS. And here it is...

Key features:

  • MIDI Output to hardware MIDI ports, or any other Drumstick backend
  • Transpose song tonality between -12 and +12 semitones
  • Change MIDI volume level (using MIDI CC7)
  • Scale song speed between half and double tempo


Git repoository: https://github.com/pedrolcl/dmidiplayer

Downloads for Linux, Windows and macOS: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dmidiplayer/files/
New release v1.7.0. Changes:

  • Persistent song configuration. Stored song settings like volume, pitch, tempo, text encoding and channel settings into song configuration files, either automatically or when requested explicitly.
  • MIDI Mixer: channel volumes can be adjusted individually.
  • New MIDI file online search link in the Help menu.
  • Other minor features: octave subscript designation, new in Drumstick v2.7.0.
  • Requires: drumstick-2.7.

Build requirements:

  • C++11 compiler
  • Qt5 >= 5.15 or Qt6 >= 6.2
  • Drumstick libraries v2.7
  • Uchardet v0.0.7
  • CMake 3.14
  • Pandoc (when BUILD_DOCS=on)

New release v1.6.0, Dedicated to the Galician Literature Day (May 17th)


  • Czech translation updated. Thanks to Pavel Fric.
  • New Galician translation and help page.
  • New Galician song: Negra Sombra.
  • New temporary Splash screen for Galician language users.
  • Frameless CSD tool windows (channels, player piano, lyrics, help).
  • Better compatibility with Qt6.
  • Fixed the wrong icon shown in KDE+Wayland.
  • Load translations earlier, for command line options.
  • Avoid trying to load translations for English.
  • Requires: drumstick-2.6.



Another release, with some new features and fixes. Changes in v1.5.0:

* Ticket #3: Song loop between bars
* Ticket #7: Help window and user documentation
* Ticket #10: Splash screen
* Ticket #11: Fixed Winsnap enable/disable
* Allow more than one file from the command line, or dragged from a file manager
* Some rough edges softened
* Czech translation updated, thanks to Pavel Fric
* Italian help page translated, thanks to Giovanni Mariani


Another release has been published. Here are the main changes for v1.4.0:

  • ticket #1: Playback positioning
  • * Replaced the progress bar by a slider, so the user can change the play position
    * Added forward/backward actions to advance or go back one bar
    * Added a Jump action to move the play position to some arbitrary bar
  • ticket #2: Playlist repetition options: Nothing, Last Song, Whole Playlist
  • ticket #8: (Lyrics text) Copy to clipboard, Save to File, Print
  • ticket #9: (after Drumstick ticket #31) Fallback output drivers
  • Playlist function shuffle
  • Toolbar buttons customizing dialog

2 years ago
Thanks for sharing! Gonna try it soon.
Since the original annoouncement the screenshot was updated automatically, but you may also want to know that v1.3.0 has been released with many additional features like...

  • Lyrics (karaoke), Piano Player. Rhythm and MIDI Channels views.
  • Automatic detection of text/lyrics encoding, that can be changed manually. It detects quite well CJK languages.
  • Supports MID/KAR (Standard MIDI Files) and WRK (Cakewalk) file formats


Linux users, please try the Flatpak: https://flathub.org/apps/details/net.sourceforge.dmidiplayer
Blog post: http://midi-clorianos.blogspot.com/2021/05/drumstick-multiplatform-midi-file.html
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