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  3. Monday, 01 March 2021
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I have a USB MIDI out ONLY keyboard - Casio PX-770 It was basically free so I'm trying to get this to work again. I DID have this working on Mojave. Long story short I lost some backups and data. The lost Mojave was updated over the years on top of various OS X releases. Somehow it worked I forget how I did it before.

USB Prober shows no sign of the keyboard - Does this mean its dead? It was working right before I had my data system loss.

I tried the generic USB MIDI plug in source code - recompiling with Casio Vendor ID and Device ID.

I tried the old Casio 10.7 MIDI plug in.

Ideal solution would be what I had somehow. Audio MIDI Studio setup acknowledging my keyboard.

Secondary solution would be some hardware solution. Would a USB MIDI adapter (ie -Roland UM-ONE-MK2) work in reverse with a MIDI Interface (ie -MOTU Micro Lite USB MIDI)

Any realistic ideas?
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