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  3. Wednesday, 12 July 2017
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I bought "Arturia BeatStep Controller/Sequencer"

I have a simple C++ program running on a PC that writes to command line received MIDI messages when rotating a knob/endless encoder(EE).

Values from EE are in 1 step increment from 0 to 127 (If I rotate the EE after it reached 127 or 0 it never get above 127 or below 0)

Is it possible to control/set the value of the EE from PC ? I mean, when I spin the EE to e.g. value 127 on the MIDI controller can I set its value to e.g. 0 with a MIDI message sent prom the PC ?
What would the MIDI message look like ?

Thank you !
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There is software that allows to configure the controls, but there does not appear to be any official documentation about what messages it uses.

But there is Taming Arturia’s Beatstep: Sysex codes for programming. In the comments, somebody mentioned a SysEx that works on the BeatStep Pro.
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