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  Wednesday, 19 July 2017
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The DLS 2.2 spec lists channel pressure (0x8) and polyphonic pressure (0x7) in the table of modulation sources; additionally, the C header file provided in the DLS spec lists a monophonic pressure source (0xA), though this is absent from the aforementioned table of sources. Yet only channel pressure is ever used in the list of mandatory articulation connections. How exactly are MIDI channel pressure and polyphonic pressure messages mapped to the articulation sources in DLS? Is it straightforward channel to channel and polyphonic to polyphonic (what about monophonic source?) and there is simply no requirement that synthesizers support polyphonic pressure in articulation at all? Or is listing polyphonic and monophonic sources an error and both polyphonic and channel pressures are somehow mapped to the channel pressure source?
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