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  Thursday, 18 March 2021
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Has anybody come across an out of the box solution to run an executable file from win10 which would send a midi program change out of a cheapy usb to midi convertor to recall mixing desk snap shots on a digital mixer Please?

The situation is a Behringer XR18 Mixer in a Sports centre environment running live classes with separate bus outputs to online streaming program.. I need a nice simple solution so that the different instructors can look on their win10 desktop and click on their "Preset"(set by me) and pull up their appropriate scene.. I know I could easily purchase a midi pedal etc but I'm looking for executable file option..

I'm a very competent theatre technician but I'm in a bit of a rush with no time to learn everything. Happy to donate if someone has an instant solution. Or if someone can point me to a quick learn guide to how to program midi from windows ..
You can use Pete Brown's PowerShell MIDI to script using MIDI.
Another option:


It is a simple .exe, with no library dependencies. You can use command line arguments to specify where and what messages to send like this:

sendmidi dev "Network Session 1" pc 10
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