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  Tuesday, 23 March 2021
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A similar question was recently raised but mine is more general to MIDI 1.0 and onward. What sort of "starter projects" would you recommend for someone interested in music software development?

I am a CS student with a previous Master of Music with a lot of creative aspirations. But I also need more software projects for my portfolio in the long run, and exposure to larger codebases for the purposes of employment. My thoughts include a simple MIDI editor or a software synth, but I don't know if that's too ambitious for just me on my own.

The other thing I could potentially look for is git projects to join, but as someone with limited group experience I'm nervous to ask.

My immediate goal in the spring is to learn the 1.0 specification and try to memorize some of the messages with flash cards though.

2 years ago
For you as a professional musician it would be a challenge to play an instrument, record the midi sequences, and to generate automatically sheet music. It is very difficult to synchronize with the bar line.
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