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  Thursday, 25 March 2021
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So I'm trying to understand the MIDI Communication that lies behind my "LaunchControlXL" and my DAW.
For that I setted up MIDI-OX.exe , and thanks to a really helpful respond from Bavi_H in this forum I'm able to set this listening process without creating a midi Loop.

In a nutshell basically I have to create 2 additional virtual MIDI loopback ports and wire it in the following fashion (skip the next 2 paragraphs for question)

loopMIDI: create > "virtual-in" , "virtual-out"
| | Input | Output |
|DAW | virtual-in | virtual-out |
|MIDI-OX |virtual-out |virtual-in |
Then in MIDI-OX you need to alter the Internal Routing to not create a MIDILoop
View > "Port-Routings"
Right click > Disconnect all
Click and Drag from Node to Node
| MIDI Controller ------- ----------- MIDI Controller |
| X |
| / \ |
| virtual-out ------/ \--------- virtual-in |
| |
| |
|MIDI-OX Event Port |

QUESTION: MIDI-OX is getting the "conversation" from both parts,so I can see a stream of 4 SysEx Messages when initializing the Device in the DAW, plus the Actual CC's and Note's On and Off that I already undertand.
The problem is that in order to see the actual content of those "Sysex" bytes I need t set up MIDI-OX.exe in
>> View >> SyEx ... >>
SysEx >> Receive Manual Dump...
There I'm able to set MIDI-OX.exe in a listening state, and I can retrieve and parse those SysEx messages in Hex dumps, the issue is that, when starting the DAW with this Listening Mode on MIDI-OX at the same time, the conversation in changes, I only get 1 Message out of those 4 , and the MIDI Controller Doesn't get initialized properly.

What am I doing wrong?

2 years ago
Well I ended up having to use
Max for Live
As I was able to Retrieve the init message from DAW to LaunchControl: "f0 7E 0 06 01 f7 "
I created that same message in a MaxForLive patch and sent it to the controller and listened to the Out port from the Controller which spitted out "f0 7e 00 06 02 00 20 29 61 00 00 00 00 00 05 09 f7" (I call it INIT ACK)

Still I find some basic limitiations in MIDI-OX.exe , despite being an awesome program. It may be me that I'm using it wrong.

Let me know if someone have any wisdom about this

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