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  Thursday, 20 May 2021
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Hello,i'm new here !!
I try to find a soluce to take a LED light bpm as MTC with an arduino, but i don't really know the process to do it.
I saw how to use some library very simple on Arduino to send MTC with 0xF8 code, but is it all enougth to do it?
I mean, juste send 0xF8 when I detect the flashing red LED each beat ?
If some one can help me ;-).
I want it beacause I really don't want to open my Zoom R24 and make wire in it.
My functionality is detect when I start recording with the Zoom R24 and start sequencer at same time.

Thank a lot for this Forum
4 weeks ago
To be clear, a MIDI message of 0xF8 is a MIDI Clock message, not MIDI Time Code. MIDI Clock messages are a measure of musical time must be sent 24 times per Quarter note. That timing stretches, based on tempo. On the other hand, MIDI Time Code is a measure of hours, minutes, seconds, and frames (of film or video).

If you have a flashing light for tempo, say at 1/4 notes, you would have to measure the timing between the flashes, then send 24 evenly-spaced 0xF8 MIDI Clock messages between each time the light flashes. Then when you start to record or play you have to send a Start message. Then there are Stop and Continue messages as part of the total mechanism.

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