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  Sunday, 30 May 2021
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I have some concerns about the recent changes to the MIDI Forum:

1. The ability to edit replies is no longer available. Can this be fixed so that I can edit my messages? (Edit: To clarify, posts that were a reply to a thread no longer have the edit ability available. A post that is the start of the thread still has the edit ability available.)

2. Attachments (including image attachments placed inline in posts) are no longer visible to visitors that aren't logged in. Can this be fixed so that attachments are once again visible to visitors that aren't logged in?

I sometimes like to edit my old messages to update things that have changed or to add a link to a newer thread discussing the same issue.

I also like to refer to my various forum posts from other places. Many of my posts contain attachments. After the recent forum changes, my posts' inline images appear broken and their attachments appear missing to anyone who isn't logged in. (To make things visible even to visitors that aren't logged in, I was planning to edit my messages to contain images and links to files hosted on my own website. But I just discovered that the ability to edit messages is missing, so I can't do that.)
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