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  Thursday, 10 June 2021
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I'm an up and coming synth artist/songwriter.
and i'm putting together a live performance rig.
And in this rig consists of the Moog Werkstatt- 01 with a CV expander.
On the CV expander... the input (VCO EX FM) is a prime triggering point for a midi device or sequencer
Example here : https://youtu.be/ZBE--maZlSo

Yet I want to control/trigger The Moog Werkstatt with a Midi control device. primarily the Novation Launchkey Mini MK3
Example Here :https://youtu.be/-3fkAsimPIs

This Midi control device carries a 3.5mm output and, is built to be compatible with TRS A not B
but, I found on this particular video...that there's a converter/s recommended for TRS A to B.

The question i have is this.
Is there a solid converter device/module you can recommend me, that can enable me to use in my rig to play my MOOG Werkstatt - 01?
I have the Launchkey Mini MK3 already. I want to use it to trigger my Werkstatt-01. So what do you recommend?

Thank you so much
- Brandon
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