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  Friday, 06 October 2017
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µC Kuper just released Midi~Kuper version 1.1. This application is able to route MIDI data from any controller to any of your synths so you can create monster layers and split combinations of sounds from multiple and separate synths on a single keyboard or multiple keyboards. It can merge MIDI, process note messages, filter and mangle control messages and create chords, intervals and transpositions. These combinations are saved as scenes that you can assign to songs. When you're ready to perform live, you can create a set-list of your songs, and Midi~Kuper will walk you through your performance at the touch of a single button on your touch PC, tablet, iPhone or iPad, re-configuring your whole setup instantly and without breaks or glitches. It uses smart transitioning between scenes to ensure a continuous performance. In addition, during live performance, it provides multiple screens for lyrics and song statistics with tempo indicator that the whole band can view so your performances are consistent. It also lets you control a DAW so you can trigger backing tracks and clips. If you are an electronic musician performing live and want to take your sounds and performance to the next level, take a look at Midi~Kuper. It has a modern, easy user interface that is clear and intuitive and is full of bubble help. It cones with a full user manual too. Be sure to watch the tutorials on YouTube, It has a free trial. Check it out!
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