MIDI Innovation Awards 2022 Winners

 The 2022 MIDI Innovation Awards featured five distinct categories listed below. The winners were selected by the jury and are displayed in order. 

Commercial Hardware Finalists

First Place

Second Place

Third Place



SOMI-1 is a highly precise sensor technology that measures movement and transforms it into sound in real-time. The Bluetooth® sensors can be worn as wearables on the wrists and ankles, turning the user into an instrument.
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WIDI Core is the smart (BLE) breakout board that makes premium MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy functionality available for (DIY) developers.
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Wind Synthesizer R1

Cyber-like wind controller from future. Responsive RGB light bars. Perform in 2 weeks. Motion control. Bluetooth connectivity. Delicate App experience.

Non-Commercial Hardware Finalists

First Place

Second Place

Third Place


The Digi-Gurdy: A MIDI Hurdy Gurdy

The Digi-Gurdy is a low-cost MIDI Hurdy Gurdy with many tuning options and a detachable playable keybox for maximum portability, allowing practice anywhere.
images/zoo/uploads/ProtoZOA Diagram March 2022.jpg


ProtoZOA is a flexible prototyping tool for MIDI 2.0. Open source firmware provides MIDI 2.0 interfaces and functions for developers to use in their own hardware and software products.


Soft, stretchable, and deformable MIDI-KnittedKeyboard for intimate, organic, and expressive musical composition and performance

Commercial Software Finalists

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Fluid Chords

Fluid Chords is an intelligent chord bending plug-in that allows you to bend from any chord to any chord.

GeoShred 5.9

GeoShred, an award-winning, fluidly expressive musical instrument with a performance surface that uses MIDI/MPE to control expressive physics-based models of musical instruments.
images/zoo/uploads/11.1.21_AnimoogZ_iMac_Ableton copy.jpg

Animoog Z

Animoog Z is an inspiring 16-voice polyphonic synthesizer that invites you to explore new concepts of multidimensional sound design and performance.

Non-Commercial Software Finalists

First Place

Second Place

Third Place


MusiKraken is a modular MIDI construction kit for mobile devices. You can combine camera, touch, motion sensors and microphone input with effects to make music.

PhotoSynth > InterFACE

Instant Musical Superpowers! The smile powered synthesizer - an augmented reality musical instrument played completely with your face!
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DAWn Audio

DAWn Audio allows artists anywhere in the world to work together live, even if they're using different DAWs. With our middleware approach, we've created a "DAW-network" by utilizing MIDI and audio streaming to replicate in person co-creation.

Artistic/Visual Project Finalists

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

images/zoo/uploads/TapisMagique8 copy 3.JPG

Tapis Magique: A Choreomusical Interactive Carpet

Tapis Magique is a knitted interactive carpet that generates 3D sensor data based on body locations and gestures and drives an immersive sonic environment in real-time.
images/zoo/uploads/Pac-Man MIDI Art submission.jpg

Synthesizer Live MIDI Art

An original MIDI Art composition performed and recorded live in the piano roll
images/zoo/uploads/LeafSecrets 2.jpg

Leaf Secrets

Leaf Secrets is an immersive experience that connects people and nature, using plant biodata to trigger sound, light, and imagery.

Meet The MIDI Innovation Award 2022 Judges

John Kao

Helen Leigh

Craig Anderton

Kate Stone

Yuri Suzuki

Michele Darling


The MIDI Innovation Awards Founders

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