The MIDI Innovation awards give a platform to MIDI innovation. This enables winners to accelerate their product ideas through connections to the industry, as well as increase their visibility among musicians and the NAMM community of trade professionals. The MIDI Innovation Awards rewards products, prototypes, installations or concepts that are thought-provoking and inspire new, creative use cases.

MIDI Innovation Awards Categories

There are five distinct categories (listed below) for the 2022 MIDI Innovation Awards.

On May 15, three finalists will be selected from each category by 50% weighting of the public vote and the judges vote.

Meet The MIDI Innovation Award 2022 Judges

John Kao

Helen Leigh

Craig Anderton

Kate Stone

Yuri Suzuki

Michele Darling


The MIDI Innovation Awards Founders

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images/zoo/uploads/K.AF Drums_Kibby_playing.jpg


KIBBY-A-FREAK drums is made of recycled parts and bamboo framing, making it an affordable and practical environment friendly DIY project for the African market.

Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar

Fully analog, fully digital. The Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar is a 24-fret electric guitar and MPE MIDI controller all-in-one.
images/zoo/uploads/White Text - Black Back.png

DAWn Audio

DAWn Audio allows artists anywhere in the world to work together live, even if they're using different DAWs. With our middleware approach, we've created a "DAW-network" by utilizing MIDI and audio streaming to replicate in person co-creation.

Super MIDI Pak

Super MIDI Pak turns your Super Nintendo into a MIDI synthesizer!


Count-Me-In allows the audience of a musical event to use their mobile phones and become part of the show!
images/zoo/uploads/DSC_8808 2.JPG

Lead Machine

Based on video game controllers, the Lead Machine can be your gateway to playing your digital instrument intuitively and comfortably with complete expressive control.


MidiStrata is software that sits between a Master keyboard and a network of Midi devices that provides creative real-time control of live performances.

Positronic Recursion Studio

A fractal synthesizer from the future. Recurse your MIDI signals, your CV’s or your grandma's quantum brownies. Innumerable novel HD fractals at your fingertips.

Incredible Instruments 16x16 midi matrix router

An innovative rack mount 16x16 matrix router for the MIDI 2.0 routing needs of the studio and stage.


Sequencing re-invented | a creative, non-linear polyphonic MPE gestural sequencing exploration. Complex non-repetitive expressive sequences with ease. Augment your musical ideas in a fun way.
images/zoo/uploads/screenshot 30 apr 2022.png

Entonal Studio

Entonal Studio is an audio application and plugin that gives musicians the ability to use and create alternative tunings in their music, in any environment.

PhotoSynth > InterFACE

Instant Musical Superpowers! The smile powered synthesizer - an augmented reality musical instrument played completely with your face!


VOGUM is a web application with extensive MIDI controller support for music teachers, learners and performers.

Headphone Mix 4

Headphone Mix 4 is a special effect unit which suitable for those who make their music on headphone monitor system.


Vimana Sequencer is a personal interpretation of a Multi-track Midi Step Sequencer with an Open Philosophy regarding the User Interface

Neo Reverb

Neo Reverb is a revolutionary Hybrid Convolution and Algorithm Reverb which combines both advantages of Convolution Reverb and Algorithm Reverb

Drum One

Drum One is a free drum kits plugin utilizing a lite version of Supreme Drums Engine. It is designed to provide a high quality, easy to use drum kits to musicians/producers. By using the latest modelling technology, it has a small size which is around 80M
images/zoo/uploads/MetaGlove - Branded Pilot Proposal2 small.png

MetaGlove for Augmented Arts

The Meta Glove for Augmented Art is a low cost MIDI controller glove that allows musicians and artists to augment their digital expressivity resulting in high impact, high publicity and social media attention for them and their sponsors.
images/zoo/uploads/meter closeup.jpg

MIDI Dashboard

A 1U rack mount device for viewing MIDI data on full-colour displays

Infinitone DMT

Infinitone Dynamic Micro-Tuning plugin empowers musicians with Freedom of Pitch, through opening access to the full harmonic spectrum, a.k.a. the “notes between the notes”.
images/zoo/uploads/LeafSecrets 2.jpg

Leaf Secrets

Leaf Secrets is an immersive experience that connects people and nature, using plant biodata to trigger sound, light, and imagery.

MIDI Proxy

Use a simple MIDI keyboard with pitch-bend to emulate a controller with faders and buttons. And do it from the Web! More features coming.

Midifile markov generator

A website that creates Markov chain remixed MIDI files from MIDI files. It also outputs the MIDI events via webMIDI during the creation.
images/zoo/uploads/Nularseq Receiver 0.9.png

Nularseq 0.9

Nularseq is a Max for Live MIDI effect designed to play melodic accompaniment synchronised to a live finger drumming performance.


Audiotool’s cloud-based digital audio workstation (DAW) taking advantage of Midi 2.0 in the web to enable real time collaboration

Piano de Voyage

Piano de Voyage is a modular, 88 full-size keys portable piano keyboard

Android Audio Plugin: MidiDeviceService

Import existing synth audio plugins to Android platform and use them as virtual MIDI devices
images/zoo/uploads/3 3.png

Electric Guitar T

Legendary Telecaster Guitar with VStomp Effect System
images/zoo/uploads/BC01 SS07.jpg


BC01 is a compact 3-in-1 MIDI device that serves as a customizable breath controller, input for expression pedal / knobs, and programmable MIDI buttons.
images/zoo/uploads/PXL_20211030_152950365.PORTRAIT 1.jpg

MidiVolts Desktop

The MidiVolts Desktop is a polyphonic Midi to CV controller, designed to stack voices in order to create polyphonic/ paraphonic functionality using one or more semi-modular synthesizer.
images/zoo/uploads/RISE 2_01.jpeg

Seaboard RISE 2

Designed for infinite exploration of sound. Featuring an expressive silicone interface, unrivaled software, and a refined design, Seaboard RISE 2 makes MPE creation more accessible than ever before.

Neo Erhu

Neo Erhu is a plugin features an enhanced version of Erhu, aka Chinese Violin. Powered together with Music Domain Synthesis and Hybrid Modeling Technology.

Black BT SusEx Pedal

World's first pedal that combines both footswitch and expression pedal functionalities in a single unified form factor with BLE MIDI capability and auto-mode switching.


Modular Synthesizer plugin that emulates Eurorack hardware

Neo Piano

Neo Piano is a dynamic combination of 8 distinguished Grand Pianos. This plugin can be controlled by latest MIDI 2.0.


Bace transforms your voice into a MIDI controller.


The First Portable, Professional Piano that fits into your Backpack.
images/zoo/uploads/Big Ear_ app_icon_summer_Saturated_small.png

Big Ear

Empowering the next generation's musical IQ by simplifying music learning and creativity. Solve musical puzzles on your mobile device from your MIDI instrument!


Finally an electric bass guitar to MIDI converter with low-to-no latency, tight enough for live performance.

PTZOptics MIDI Camera Control

PTZOptics is adding configurable MIDI control to our award-winning PTZ cameras. Set and call presets, plus operate pan, tilt, and zoom from any MIDI device.
images/zoo/uploads/Vboard 252.jpg

MIDIPLUS Vboard 25

The Vboard 25 is the world's first original folding MIDI keyboard with standard key width, pads, knobs, and a wealth of features, rechargeable. A variety of connection methods to control the computer, mobile phone, tablet DAW, sound engine and synthesizer
images/zoo/uploads/Vboard 492-1.jpg

MIDIPLUS Vboard 49

The Vboard 49 is the world's first portable foldable MIDI keyboard. Built-in rechargeable battery, can be connected to DAW, sound engine and mobile phone tablet via USB or Bluetooth, built-in a variety of styles, let the creation go with you.


Elk LIVE lets musicians connect online and play music together like they're in the same room, sharing audio and MIDI in real-time from different locations.

The SquishBox

An all-in-one performance synthesizer in a stompbox with 4 USB inputs, infinite instrument splits/layering, effects, arpeggiators, MIDI routing, and more.

airFont380 Final for Steinberg HALion Sonic© series

High-quality multi-timbral GM sound library suitable for first-time users interested in DAW and DTM
images/zoo/uploads/drumMIDIa Interface.jpg

Drum MIDIa for PlayStation Controller Interface

KONAMI© drum mania as PlayStation controller transform to portable drum for street live or home use.


Medleyan® is a collection of flexible MIDI processing software tools for digital music production.


Respoken is an interactive light and sound installation that creates an experience from the user´s voice. A stage for self-expression manifesting the spirit in light and sound.

Impact LX Mini

Impact LX Mini is Nektar’s most powerful mini MIDI controller featuring intuitive tactile features, DAW integration & instrument plugin control for most DAWs, 2 arpeggiators and the unique Part Two feature.
images/zoo/uploads/In Article-2.jpg

Wind Synthesizer R1

Cyber-like wind controller from future. Responsive RGB light bars. Perform in 2 weeks. Motion control. Bluetooth connectivity. Delicate App experience.

Senode - Graph Seqencer

SENODE is an innovative sequencer based on probabilistic finite-state machines, synergizing a graphical composition tool for generative music and an interactive live performance instrument.
images/zoo/uploads/11.1.21_AnimoogZ_iMac_Ableton copy.jpg

Animoog Z

Animoog Z is an inspiring 16-voice polyphonic synthesizer that invites you to explore new concepts of multidimensional sound design and performance.


Pure intonation on keyboards in real time! Microtonal modulation! Strange and novel sonorities! Welcome to Pivotuner!


MusiKraken is a modular MIDI construction kit for mobile devices. You can combine camera, touch, motion sensors and microphone input with effects to make music.
images/zoo/uploads/1  2.png

PopuPiano Smart Portable Keyboard + PopuMusic APP

A Glowing Keyboard + Chords/Rhythm Pad Controller, that Allows You to Learn & Compose Music by Melody + Chord + Rhythm
images/zoo/uploads/MRCC box small pics.png

MRCC - MIDI Router Control Center

A super deluxe re-invention of the classic MIDI Router is "a game changer" for modern MIDI studios. Featuring one button routing for each physical input and output, and thoughtful design for usability, everything can be easily configured without a PC.

Casio CT-S1000V

The Casiotone CT-S1000V gives your music a brand new voice: Its own. Along with 800 stunning Tones and a wealth of musical tools, the CT-S1000V features new Vocal Synthesis technology that brings your words to life.


Music keyboard with full-orchestral accompaniment, 37 mini keys & AutoChord

The Digi-Gurdy: A MIDI Hurdy Gurdy

The Digi-Gurdy is a low-cost MIDI Hurdy Gurdy with many tuning options and a detachable playable keybox for maximum portability, allowing practice anywhere.

KeyMusician Keyboard

Transform your computer into an 84-key synthesizer, with great sounds, that’s easier to play than a piano. Play hundreds of chords with no memorizing.

Dorico 4

Dorico 4 is the music notation and composition application from Steinberg, with unique flexibility in input and editing, sequencer-style MIDI editing, and DTP-style page layout.

Fluid Chords

Fluid Chords is an intelligent chord bending plug-in that allows you to bend from any chord to any chord.
images/zoo/uploads/HSMK Full Res 2.jpg

Hydrasynth Explorer

Hydrasynth Explorer is a highly flexible digital synthesizer. It features the only mid sized polyphonic aftertouch keyboard on the market as well as battery control for use anywhere.
images/zoo/uploads/ProtoZOA Diagram March 2022.jpg


ProtoZOA is a flexible prototyping tool for MIDI 2.0. Open source firmware provides MIDI 2.0 interfaces and functions for developers to use in their own hardware and software products.


Meet PalmBand, a smart device that lets you play a variety of instruments, right on your palm!
images/zoo/uploads/Pac-Man MIDI Art submission.jpg

Synthesizer Live MIDI Art

An original MIDI Art composition performed and recorded live in the piano roll
images/zoo/uploads/Unify 2.jpg

Unify 1.8

Unify brings the full power of MIDI to software plug-ins: Quick and easy layers, splits and arps, without the wires, live or in a DAW.


midimeister tries to carry the procedural possibilities from Eurorack modules into realtime midi note and CC effects to enhance the midi data it’s fed.


Dr Jonathan Weinreich had a vision to build a synthesizer with unparalleled expression and articulation, well suited for producers who require a pristine session.

TRON dirigent


Bome MIDI-CI Initiator + Bome MIDI-CI Responder

Use the MIDI-CI Initiator and the MIDI-CI Responder simulator in your MIDI 2.0 development -- or run them together for learning and teaching.

Striso board

The Striso board is an expressive instrument and MPE MIDI keyboard for creating a deep connection with the music you make.


Caedence is a browser-based practice & performance platform that syncs chords, lyrics, MIDI, audio, and video, and delivers just what is needed to each member of your band.
images/zoo/uploads/Soundbrenner Core Steel.jpg

Soundbrenner Core

Soundbrenner Core, the watch for musicians, brings all your essential music tools in a premium wearable. Vibrating metronome, contact tuner, dB meter, all in one.
images/zoo/uploads/WIDI Core 2.png


WIDI Core is the smart (BLE) breakout board that makes premium MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy functionality available for (DIY) developers.

MIDI Electronic Wind Instrument EWI-S2

This product has built-in sounds, modulation and chord functions, Bluetooth audio accompaniment and Bluetooth MIDI instrument.

Jammy E

Jammy E is a more affordable MIDI guitar controller that will help guitarists create in any genre playing any virtual instrument they want
images/zoo/uploads/4. Bouncer 3.jpg

ODD Ball

Create music by simply bouncing, catching and spinning a ball

Ampero Control

Ampero Control is a compact, sturdy, fully programmable MIDI controller via MIDI port, USB jack and Bluetooth.

GeoShred 5.9

GeoShred, an award-winning, fluidly expressive musical instrument with a performance surface that uses MIDI/MPE to control expressive physics-based models of musical instruments.


SOMI-1 is a highly precise sensor technology that measures movement and transforms it into sound in real-time. The Bluetooth® sensors can be worn as wearables on the wrists and ankles, turning the user into an instrument.

The Monolith (Monolithic two-dimensional Multitimbral Keyboard)

The Monolith allows a player to perform live all the parts simultaneously of their composition by manual fingering on a two-dimensional plane.
images/zoo/uploads/ERAE swiss knife-1.jpg

Erae Touch

Erae Touch is a Polyphonic Expressive MIDI Controller. It is born out of a desire to combine both sensitivity and versatility in a seamless object.
images/zoo/uploads/1010Music_nanobox-lifestyles_5 - Cropped2-medium res.jpg

1010music nanobox

1010music’s nanobox mini synths add new professional quality synthesizer sounds to your existing MIDI controllers. Use your MIDI device to adjust settings and trigger notes.

Arduino MIDI Controller

Tutorial how to build a Do It Yourself Arduino MIDI Controller
images/zoo/uploads/TapisMagique8 copy 3.JPG

Tapis Magique: A Choreomusical Interactive Carpet

Tapis Magique is a knitted interactive carpet that generates 3D sensor data based on body locations and gestures and drives an immersive sonic environment in real-time.

DigitAize Smart Violin

DigitAize is a smart violin, which combines the qualities of acoustic instruments with the possibilities of MIDI connectivity and digital signal processing

Roadie Coach

Coach teaches songs through interactive play, records and stores your play sessions and lets you send Bluetooth MIDI commands DAWs or other audio apps.


Bitmi is an electronic drum pad and a midi interface all in one unit.


A huge LED-Beat-Counter for Live Performances


Microcosmos is a small (130X80mm) open-source electronic board aimed at prototyping electronic musical instruments and learning electronics, microcontroller programming, MIDI and audio DSP.

The hybrid expression pedal

A passive expression pedal that can be used also as a fully programmable MIDI expression pedal, ready for on stage performances.
images/zoo/uploads/NMSVE Insta.jpeg

NMSVE (Noise Machine Straight Vibin' Edition)

NMSVE stands for: Noise Machine Straight Vibin' Edition. It's one of the smallest yet functional BLE MIDI controllers out there!

Sassy Audio Spreadsheet

Virtual modular synthesizer with the user interface of a spreadsheet

Qwerty Midi Controller

Open source MIDI controller based on a QWERTY keyboard and an Arduino. To control in real time 100s of hidden parameters of the Hardware Synths.

Playano AR Piano 3D Tile App

Playano is the first Google Play app offering a fully integrated approach using unique augmented reality technology to learn and enjoy playing the Piano - Become the next Piano-hero

Midi Stack

The Midi Stack is a modular, stand-alone hardware system for playing and visualizing standard Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) files.


Say goodbye to MIDI sync issues with Midronome: easy, reliable and versatile MIDI master clock with built-in metronome. For both live and studio work.
images/zoo/uploads/Graphical Abstract V3.jpg

The DAW Collaboration Framework (DCF)

Browser-based middleware that interfaces with shared Cubase projects via virtual MIDI ports, establishing online collaboration with real-time videoconferencing and synchronised audio and MIDI track mixing.


Soft, stretchable, and deformable MIDI-KnittedKeyboard for intimate, organic, and expressive musical composition and performance


HootBeat: Enhancing music performance with wireless LED wearables that react to MIDI messages.

Brightness Panner

Panning sounds in 3D, based on MIDI (Note) information - from flying arpeggios in Dolby Atmos to subtle movements in stereo


Our Whirled tablet app lets digital music makers input notes with intricate, fluid pitch, volume and modulation that’s normally the exclusive domain of master musicians.


WEBMIDI.js is a free and open source JavaScript library that makes it easy for any website to interact with a visitor’s MIDI devices.
images/zoo/uploads/3D Objects Phone Mock Expanded.jpg

Controlla XYZ - AR XYZ MIDI Controlla

Controlla XYZ turns your phone into a spatial audio input device. Control any 3 parameters in your DAW by moving your phone in 3D space.

Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer

Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer framework allows you to process audio data and provides a gsequencer GTK-3 UI executable.
images/zoo/uploads/Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 3.17.22 PM.png

SendMIDI and ReceiveMIDI

SendMIDI and ReceiveMIDI are multi-platform command-line tools that make it very easy to quickly send, receive and monitor MIDI messages

MIDI Tape Recorder

Perfectly and effortlessly record and play expressive MIDI

Orbacam by Artiphon

Orbacam by Artiphon is the first app in the world that lets you create music directly in videos on your iPhone, no instrument required.