Join the MIDI Manufacturers Association

The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) develops the MIDI Messages and Recommended Practices that make MIDI products all interoperable. We could not do this work without financial support and active participation from companies that design and make MIDI hardware and software products.


If your company makes (or designs) products that use MIDI, you already know that MIDI is important to your customers because of the vast amount of other MIDI products and content already available. By joining MMA as a "Regular Member" (voting class) you are helping to preserve and protect your investment in MIDI, and can participate in defining new features and applications that will grow your business.

As a Regular Member, on behalf of your company you can:
  • promote your company on our website;
  • access the most up to date technical information about MIDI;
  • participate in any MMA Working Group discussion;
  • preview and contribute to the development of new specifications;
  • participate in relevant projects at other standards-setting organizations (IEC-TC100, JTC1-SC29, etc.);
  • research previous MMA discussions and proposals (archives);
  • access the complete record of MIDI C/As and R/Ps;
  • network with other professionals in the MIDI industry;
  • and your annual SysEx ID fee is waived as long as you remain a Regular Member.

Qualifications: Regular Membership in MMA is open to any entity that commercially designs, develops, or produces hardware or software that uses MIDI technology. If you are interested in joining the MMA as a Regular Member, please complete and save the application form linked below, then return it to the MMA as instructed on the form.

Note: Companies that only want to be assigned a MIDI System Exclusive ID do not need to become Regular Members of MMA. There is a separate Non-Member SysEx ID Application form, but those companies do not receive all of the benefits of membership in MMA.

MMA Regular Membership Application Form