Welcome to MIDI Live!

A video chat and screen sharing service provided to MIDI Association members at no charge.

MIDI Live! has two modes

Panel Mode-

Panel Mode is used for webinars. Only panelists can talk, broadcast video and share screens.

We hold free webinars here to provide information about new MIDI specifications and have featured artists like Shawn Wasabi, Jordan Rudess, Laura Escude and many others.

Live Chat Mode-

When we are not hosting a webinar, anyone with a MIDI Live! account can talk, video chat and screen share with anyone else anywhere in the world on MIDI Live!

How to create a MIDI Live! Account

Click on the Go Live! link below, then log in using Social Sign On for any of the available social media platforms (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Yahoo,Github, Weibo).

Come back to the MIDI Live! page to view a webinar or any time to live chat with other MIDI Association members.