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Audio Assemble-Video Tutorials, Product Reviews, & Pro Tools


There are lots of websites that offer information on DAWs and music production.  Audio Assemble takes a unique approach by offering articles, videos, reviews, interviews and information on schools that offer degrees in music and music production. 

The database they have put together about music schools is impressive and they also have a listing for the top 25 audio engineering schools. 

Audio Assemble has a lot of articles about Pro Tools, but they also cover a lot of MIDI topics especially in their list of top MIDI products for different categories. 

Here is an example of what an Audio Assemble MIDI Controller review looks like

6. Komplete Kontrol S88

Best for Pianists

Komplete Kontrol S88

The latest release of Native Instrument's flagship MIDI controller, the Komplete Kontrol S88, brings a plethora of new additions to the already elite system. Some of the improvements are long-awaited quality-of-life changes, such as the ergonomic pitch and mod wheels, a unique touch strip for advancing tracks and tweaking synth elements, and Smart Spring memory foam damping for the fully weighted 88 hammer keys.

In addition to the smaller improvements, NI's real innovation comes with the newfound access to all of your production tools, right at your fingertips. With this latest release, the Komplete Kontrol S88 now has two high-res color screens- allowing for visualizing, mixing, and editing, all from the hardware.

The dual screens allow for in-depth sound design and creative applications, such as a sampler on one display and a synthesizer mid-tweak on the other. For those who know of the convenience of using dual screens in everyday production, this elite system will quickly become the center of your production setup.

In addition to the 1:1 keyboard experience, the Komplete Kontrol S88 comes pre-loaded with the Komplete 12 Select Bundle- containing Massive, Monark, Drumlab, Phasis, Replika and more. Three sound packs are included with said bundle, offering the "True School," "Velvet Lounge," and "Deep Matter" sound packs.

Lastly, the Komplete Kontrol S88 offers out-of-the-box integration with MASCHINE, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Cubase, Nuendo, and GarageBand. For users of FL Studios and other DAWs like Reaper, only a few driver downloads are required before you are ready to master your production.

Price: $1,049


  • Keybed: 88-key hammer-action Fatar keybed with a real piano feel
  • Pitch Bend / Modulation: two rotary wheels with anti-slip coating are featured above the pads.
  • Pads: 16 velocity-sensitive RGB backlit drum pads with out-of-the-box Ableton Live integration.
  • Build: Lightweight, low profile.
  • Knobs: eight 360 degree fully-customizable knobs.
  • Faders: None.
  • Pedal Inputs: expression pedal and footswitch inputs.
  • Octaves: Up and Down.
  • Extra Features: Comes with KOMPLETE 12 SELECT: 14 premium instruments and effects, including THE GENTLEMAN, Massive, Monark, Drumlab, Phasis, Replika, Reaktor, and more.

Here is an example of what an Audio Assemble MIDI Pad review looks like.

iRig Pads [$149.95]

Pioneers in the "making music with iOS" category, IK Multimedia has a host of midi controllers for iPads or iPhones. One highlight in its iRig collection is the iRig Pads. The iRig Pads is a fully-functional pad controller with a 4×4 layout with multiple programmable peripherals.

  • 16 RGB Backlit Trigger Pads
  • Velocity-sensitive
  • Programmable slider
  • 2 Assignable Push Buttons
  • 2 Programmable Knobs
  • 1 Assignable Push Rotary Encoder
  • USB Port to use with non-iOS devices
  • Expression/Sustain Pedal Input

Here is an example of what an Audio Assemble MIDI Foot Controller review looks like. 

5. Keith McMillen Instruments 12 Step Chromatic Keyboard

See Current Prices


This lightweight chromatic keyboard controller from Keith McMillen Instruments packs everything you need for a dynamic MIDI experience into a sturdy one-pound unit. When plugged into your on-stage setup via MIDI or connected using USB, this versatile device brings a whole new level of functionality and energy to your performances. Use it to control MIDI interfaces, sound modules, and soft synths throughout each show, taking advantage of the velocity-sensitive pedals to create a variety of unique tones. Bright backlighting makes it easy to see the controls onstage so that you're always in control of your effects.

With the capability to store up to five notes per key, the 12 Step can crank out multiple complex chords on demand. Enjoy endless musical possibilities with the dozens of factory presets and the ability to create many more of your own.

  • 13 velocity-sensitive keys
  • Touch responsive operation
  • Backlighting for keys and display
  • Program up to five notes per key
  • Made from strong, long-lasting carbon fiber
  • 59 factory presets
  • Up to 128 user presets


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