Athan Billias has spent his entire life focused on music,  technology innovation and MIDI. He was the product planning manager for Korg Inc. in Tokyo, Japan during the development of  the Korg M1, the best selling hardware synthesizer of all time.  As Vice President of IVL Multimedia , he licensed MIDI controlled vocal harmony technology to Yamaha, Brother, Ricoh, and Sega for their ISDN network MIDI based karaoke systems. In 1998 he joined Yamaha and was involved with the development and voicing for every Yamaha synthesizer from the S80 to the Montage.

He is the current President of the MIDI Association and has been on the executive board of the MIDI  Association for over twenty years.  He helped develop the annual MIDI Innovation Awards which give a platform for MIDI innovation and rewards products, prototypes, installations or concepts that are thought-provoking and inspire new, creative use cases of MIDI. 

Sequential Circuits Founder Dave Smith has passed away


It's with great sadness that we announce that Dave Smith has passed away The MIDI Association wouldn't exist without Dave's contributions to MIDI, but having known Dave for over 30 years and worked closely with him at Korg (and also in getting the Sequential name back when I was a Yamaha), he was also not actually a big fan of being called the "Fat...

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