Don Lewis: A Remembrance


Some of you may be aware that Don Lewis passed away the week of Nov 7, 2022.  Don was a synthesis pioneer who created a hardware platform for controlling banks of Synthesizers (Oberheim, Arp 2600s) prior to MIDI, which he called LEO (Live Electronic Orchestra). Mr. Kakehashi of Roland worked with Don starting in 1969 and cr...

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Naada Collection I for GeoShred

Naada-Collection-I-Lon_20221111-193000_1 Naada Collection I for GeoShred

MIDI Association members Wizdom Music and moForte are proud to announce the release of the new Naada Instruments for GeoShred. As with all GeoShred instruments, these are models of the physics of the instrument. They are expressive and interactive.  These instruments can be played from the expressive GeoShred Keyboard, an MPE controller, ...

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